Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Homework for today!

Dear S3-08,
  Here is the homework for today!

Due tomorrow: 
1) Mathematics
  Handout 2 
  Handout 3 
  Study for Quiz 2 (Circles)
  Do the Mid-Year Reflection form (in your email) 

2) Geography 
 Reminder to bring textbook 

3) Biotechnology (if you have not done so)
 Fill up the form Ms Lim sent to you (in your email)

Due on Friday:
1) Mathematics
 Assignment 08B (Tier B and C)

2) Character Education
 Post your answers to the questions (that Jin Wei will send us) on the blog 

Due on Sunday (12 noon):
1) English
 Alternative Assessment Individual Reflection (put it in this folder -

Due after June holidays:
1) Social Studies 
  Sec 3 June Holidays Practice 2015 

2) Mathematics
  A-Math AA (due 3 July 2015)

3) Chinese
  记叙文—情境作文 (三)
  Chinese AA 
- First draft of script to be submitted by 9 June 2015
- Submission of final script by 3 July 2015

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (5)

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