Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Mr Lee was more sure about his vision than anyone I’ve ever seen. There was nothing that happened that deterred our changed his vision of how Singapore should be and he definitely worked tirelessly for that vision. He was confident and his moral values were strong. He was completely unafraid to do whatever it took to achieve his vision and it showed in the conviction with which he spoke and the actions he took. 

He had a vision of Singapore being a top notch first world country despite the bad state it was in at the time. All he did was around this vision of a garden city. From bringing in foreign investors to planting trees and the tripartite wage agreement.

Lastly, there were many things he did for Singapore. He made Singapore independent from he British. He managed to promote the greening of Singapore whilst managing the urbanisation that was the byproduct of both solving the massive housing problem and industrialising Singapore. He also cleaned the Singapore river which was a massive 10 year project. 

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