Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Self-Reflection (Misu)

Q1) How was Mr Lee as a person?
=Mr Lee was a caring person who always thought about Singapore. He even admitted to be suffering from insomnia whenever he had few problems to solve. Day and night, he worked hard to prevent corruption in the government, build a better community and achieve racial harmony.
 In order to accomplish this, he was very determined to find the suitable policies for Singapore other than US Democracy. He openly criticised other nations who adopted US policies saying that it does not work in the Asia.
This clearly shows that he devoted his life to make Singapore a prosperous country.

Q2)What are some of his values, beliefs and convictions that guided his actions and had an impact on his decisions?

Q3)What are his key contributions to Singapore?
When he first had an ambition to make Singapore a better country, he wanted Singapore to be a lush green city. Since, 1960s he planted a tree annually to encourage other Singaporeans to join him. He was a role model to many people and could motivate them. Today, Singapore is widely known as a clean city where all the other countries to follow. Although Singapore is a small country, trees can be easily seen and there is hardly no air pollution. Also, this is one of the reasons why many foreigners want to live in Singapore.

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