Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Self-reflection for Lee Kuan Yew (Kenneth)

Mr Lee was a family man and made sure not to discriminate due to his experience during British rule and Japanese Occupation. He was a caring man that made sure to be a dependable role model. Mr Lee made sure to always put his heart and soul into doing something he is determined for.

His values and beliefs was the cause for his wanting of a home-owned society for every individual of the country. He also wanted Singapore to be a clean and green environment and thus he started the tradition of planting a tree every year. He believed that education would lead to good citizens, thus he emphasised the nurturing of talents to the maximum. This would in turn allow the citizens to earn their livelihood and enable them to bring up their families and care for them.

Mr Lee brought the international ties that allowed Singapore to maximise international space. He made sure that Singapore had a clean and effective government and he was determined to live up to these expectations. Lastly, he ensured that Singapore was an oasis in the Southeast Asia with First World Standards.

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