Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kwan Yew (Tan Jian Qing)

Reflection questions

1. How was Mr Lee as a person?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a visionary man who had the determination to transform Singapore into a modern metropolis. After experiencing life during he British Rule and the Japanese Occupation, he became aware of the unfairness due to the foreign rule and was determined that he will improve the lives of the people. He cared for the people and had a sense of neighbourliness among them. Mr Lee was also a person who would not tolerate corruption, and held the idea that what he do should not be what's popular, but what's right.

2. What are some of his values, beliefs and convictions that guided his actions and had a impact on his decision?

Mr Lee believed that he should do what is right and not what is popular. Also, Mr Lee believed that all races should be unified and live in harmony. This led to Singapore becoming a place where different races can live together peacefully and respect each other. He believed that education was a key factor in the prosperity of Singapore and allow Singaporeans to benefit in the future, where everyone would understand 2 different languages.

3. What are his key contributions to Singapore?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was able to build Singapore up from mudflats into a metropolis. Mr Lee Kuan Yew also set up HDB, which was in charge of building flats for the people in Singapore to stay and live in. The HDB was able to provide homes for many Singaporeans by building lots of flats. Mr Lee Kuan Yew made Singapore a clean and green country too. Mr Lee’s original vision of a Garden City evolved over the years into the concept of a City in a Garden, with about 2 million trees planted around the island. This made Singapore a clean and green city, and in the process, beautify Singapore too.

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