Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew (Jia Wei)

  • How was Mr Lee as a person?
    Mr Lee seemed like a truthful person who believes in integrity, a caring person who always tries to help people with their needs, a tactical person who was very detailed in managing and developing Singapore and a determined person who puts his heart and soul into something that he decides is worth doing.

  • What are some of his values, beliefs and convictions that guided his actions and had an impact on his decisions?
    He believed in dedication. Once he decides that something is worth doing, he puts in his best effort into it. Because of this, he was dedicated to developing Singapore and improving the lives of the citizens. Right now Singapore has developed a lot and the lives of the citizens were way better compared to last time. He believed in discipline. Because of this, he always followed his integrity and did not become corrupted. Hence, this made the government anti-corrupted which ensured that Singapore was managed well and could develop.

  • What are his key contributions to Singapore?
    -Founded the People Actions Party(PAP)
    -Helped transform Singapore from a mudflat to a metropolis
    -Help to keep an anti-corrupted government
    -Set up the Housing and development board(HDB) to built 10,000 home a year
    -Plants a tree every year and encouraged a helped to create a clean and green Singapore
    -Enabled everyone to receive education
    -Created many positive ties with other countries

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