Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Nimalan's reflection

Mr Lee is a man who is filled with goals, visions, passion and very devoting to the development of Singapore. He is a caring man but a strong man in heart. He is determined with his missions and he has found the fruit of his hard work. He has brought the Singapore from a village to a country as we are in now

He believed in the unity of races and make Singapore a multi-racial society. He also believed that cleanliness in the country which he inspired Singapore to be a garden city. Not only that he wanted good defence system for Singapore which national service was created so that Singaporeans can serve for the country when in danger.

His determination made it possible to get the independence of Singapore. Here are some of the very important contributions by him that made Singapore we are in today:
- Got Singapore from the British
- Fought for merger with Malaysia 
- Formed the People's Action party
- Got independence for the country

- developed from a fishing village to one of the most developed countries in the world

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