Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lee Kuan Yew Reflection (Joseph)

How was Mr Lee as a person?
Mr Lee was a very determined man, and he was filled with goals, ambitions and visions for the country. He always put the people’s needs before his, and showed care and love for them by working hard to help them live a much better life. He also did not make choices that were popular, but he made choices that he thought were right in that point in time.

What are some of his values, beliefs and convictions that guided his actions and had an impact on his decisions?
He had a vision to turn Singapore from a developing country into a first class country filled with hard working citizens who have good living conditions. He also stuck to his moral values, and made sure that he wasn’t corrupted or complacent. This enabled him to make the right choices, as he would think of how it will impact the people instead of how it will benefit him. Everything that he did was due to him putting Singapore and its people as his first priority.

What are his key contributions to Singapore?
He helped Singapore to survive independently after the separation from Malaysia, and also made Singapore have better living conditions. He created projects to make Singapore cleaner and greener, like the cleaning of the Singapore river, the planting of new trees, and protecting certain forests from deforestation. He made sure that Singapore could have proper high rise buildings to accommodate people, and a reliable train system. Also, he forged ties with numerous countries, and maintained friendships with them.

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