Monday, 2 March 2015


Class discussion

Why do you think such incidents still happen today?

Teenagers nowadays think that they are mature enough to be independent on the internet but they do not realise that they are actually not knowledgeable enough to handle such situations. Or people who are new to the internet do not understand how it works

Do you know of any similar experiences that happened to the people around you?

My maid got a new phone and created a facebook account. She started receiving some messages from strangers chatting with her. When my mother asked her if she knew who they were she was confused and could not differentiate between whether they were her friends or not. Some of the chats asked said that they were her husbands and wanted her to send money back to them. Luckily, we stopped her before she did anything

Put yourself in the shoes of the victim(s), why did he/she fall for scam(s)

She did not understand how Facebook worked. She thought that somehow, only her friends could chat with her. She was also not good in english so she doesn't know what is happening

What are some possible implications such incidence can have in the cyber community?

People would be losing precious money or might receive threats if they don't cooperate.

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