Monday, 9 March 2015


2. What does it mean for the future of heath care if 90% of consumer wants tests to reveal their genetic destiny?

In the future, there will be an imbalanced amount of female and male gender causing the rate of reproduction to decrease. This might also cause the extinction of human race and  health care would be of no use anymore since there are no humans in earth anymore.

6. What does it mean to global peace security if terrorists, drug dealers and organised crime link up to attack the world's institution?

Global Peace security will change our lifestyle as we will be living in fear and our freedom will be snatched away. Our work and social environment will cause us to mistrust each other and backstabbing will continue.We will be doing jobs everything related to military and war.

7.What does it mean to Africa and the world if we do not work to cure AIDS and stop emerging pandemics?

The world might be facing an epidemic if AIDS get spread around the world and many people will be infected as a result.

8. What does it mean to global growth and productivity if we do not discover new energy sources as oil supplies dwindle?

 Global growth and productivity will be affected largely if nonrenewable sources of energy continue to run out. By finding new sources of energy, preferably renewable ones, we need not rely on only fossil fuels as our main energy source. 

9. What is the future of society if global warming and climate change are not resolved by 2050 when there will be 9 billion people on the planet?

The world will become largely overpopulated and it might come to a point where there is no space on Earth and the climate is very bad, thus the world might end there.

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