Monday, 9 March 2015

CE Lesson - Joseph, Nimalan, Ezekiel

1. What do you think are some reasons why these people chose these careers?
- They do not find any interest in the common / conventional jobs, and prefer to do something they find interest/fun in, and want to have more meaningful experiences for themselves.

2. What drove them to make the decision?
- Their passion and endurance enabled them to take on the challenge of an uncommon job, or something people would not think they would have taken up.

3. What were some risks they took?
- Risks of the occupation failing or them not being able to easily get back up after failure.

4. What are the qualifications, disposition and skills required for these careers?
No specific qualifications.

5. What is the working environment like?
- Special and unique, and sometimes competitive.

6. What is the remuneration like?
- Ranges from low to high, but usually starts off as low.

7. What is the role played by these careers?
- Usually uncommon, and is a new business.

8. Would you consider such careers? Why? Why not?
- It will depend on the career itself. If the career does not suit me or meet my interests or passion, then there is no point considering to go for it.

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