Monday, 9 March 2015

CE 9/3/15 Kenneth, Nehal, Veena

What do you think are some reasons why these people choose these careers?
It is their passion and they truly enjoy doing that career.

What drove them to make the decision?
Support from their families or motivation for someone or something.

What are some risks they took?
They took a path that is rare and may face insults from friends or families that do not support them. They may not have a very stable job or a stable income.

What are the qualifications, disposition and skills required for these careers?
No qualifications needed.

What is the working environment like?
It is unique.

What are the remuneration like?
They earn very little.

What is the role played by these careers?
Usually it is a start-up business.

Would you consider such careers? Why? Why not?
Yes because they are still earning money to live and it is their source of income. Also, they are passionate about their job and will not dislike it later on.

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