Monday, 9 March 2015

An Exploration of Unconventional Careers(Wen Yu, Wen Kit, Karthik, Sean)

Q1: Why did they choose these careers?
They had a passion for it. These careers just happened to be unconventional.

Q2: What drove them to make that decision?
Passion and love for what they do.

Q3: What are some risks they took?
Low income, people disagree with their choice including parents and friends. Difficult to start as there is not a big market.

Q4: What qualifications, disposition and skills required for these careers?
Depends on the career. Either there are low wages or high competition, so it's difficult really.

Q5: What is the work environment like?
Very competitive

Q6: What is remuneration like?
Often, quite low to start off.

Q7: What are the roles played by these careers?
They are fundamentals and basic, even though people don't notice them very much, they are very important.

Q8: Would you consider such careers? Why? Why not?
Depending on whether or not I have passionate on it.

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