Monday, 9 March 2015

An exploration of unconventional careers (Johanna, Anshiqa, Misu and Jian Qing)

1) It was their dream job and they developed a passion for it when they were in their childhood days. They had an interest for it.
2) When they realised they had money to take up the business (and that the price would rise if he were to wait any longer) and when they became tired of their previous jobs.
3) They risked their popularity, relationships with family and their income.
4) Qualifications required for these careers would be at least a secondary education.
5) The working environment is rather isolated and sometimes more interactive with the public instead of your computer. Other than that, it is more tiring compared to conventional jobs.
6) The salary is lower than other conventional jobs although they need to slog/put in more effort more than others.
7) The role is of a funeral director, a hawker store owner etc. It is mostly dealing with direct interaction from the public.
8) Yes, because I am really passionate about it and I believe that enjoying your job is more important than your pay because this way, you will be happy.

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