Monday, 16 February 2015

Imagine you are a futurist (Ho Jia Wei, Karthikeyan, Chee Jer En)

4. What does it mean for industry and scociety if one hundred million people want to live the age of 100 and be as healthy and active as they can be. There would be too many people who require work so the workforce would be filled with these old people and the young do not have a chance to find jobs as they lack experience.There would be a lack of housing/facilities due to overcrowding as there is too many people. 9. What is the future of society if global warming and climate change are not resolved by 2050 when there will be 9 billion people on the planet? I would use much more new technology which requires more energy. There will be an inflation in the price for everything, eg. food, petrol, electricity. The air would be polluted with CO2 and haze, the sea will be polluted with waste and the ground would be full of litter. More icebergs would melt and the sea level will increase, there will be more natural disasters and more people would be affected by the hole in the ozone layer. I would find it harder to find work because of the huge population. The climate would make it dangerous to go out so socialisation has decreased. I would be doing jobs to help slow the rate of global warming. There would be more jobs like mine because that would be the main priority during that period. 3 . How will online sales be hurt in future if identity theft continues and better security doesn’t emerge ? Many people would be scared to buy and order things online if identity theft and lack of good security is prevalent so , the online sales platforms won’t be able to get much sales and hence might end up making losses . This will make many online sales platforms to be closed and and hence people will not be able to buy things from worldwide stores . 1. What does it mean for the future of entertainment if 80% of consumers are on the Internet downloading games , video , music and information ? Entertainment will be mainly in technological platforms such as online platforms such as youtubes , computer games , google and many more and hence entertainment will no longer be in reality such as music concerts , books and many more . 5.What does it mean to China if that country continues to grow without becoming a democracy? There would be riots in China as people want democracy.This is due to the Western influence of countries like USA giving the Chinese the opinion that it is their right to have democracy to chose their leader.These will lead to revolutionists that want to change their system of government,they will organise riots and the government might be overthrowed.

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