Monday, 16 February 2015

Imagine that you are a futurist(Sean, Wen Yu, Grace)

ANS: The entertainment industry would be in huge trouble, as they would not be able to make a lot of money with people downloading their entertainment content illegally. only produce cyber products. Companies who produce outdoor equipment would go out of business.

ANS:  The global peace security would be greatly threatened and perhaps even overwhelmed. This means that we must not be active in stopping lowly thefts and other minor crimes while stopping organized ones on a macroscopic level.

ANS: People will continue to suffer from AIDS and the number of victims will continuously increase, the world population will also decrease by a lot, and the world would probably plummet into severe depression.

ANS: We would have to rely on renewable energy from resources such as solar power, windmills, and so on. The energy usage around the world will deplete drastically, sooner or later, the Earth would not be able to support all of life anymore.

ANS: The atmosphere would be so toxic with carbon emissions that we would need masks and air purifiers just to step outside. Perhaps we may even need to introduce artificial bio-domes in order to create a clean environment for the human race to grow. Therefore, the Earth would not be able to support the larger population and poorer populations will start to dwindle, losing so much culture along the way.

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