Monday, 16 February 2015

Imagine that you are a futurist

Group: Kenneth, Koh Jin Wei, Joseph, Nimalan

1. If more entertainment was does online, a lot of information will be recorded online, which means that it is very easy to track one's data record.

2. Lots of money will be invested in the gene/genetic technology industry.

3. - There will be more hackers as programming becomes common knowledge.
    - There will be no safety online, which leads to distrust of the web.

4. Society will be paranoid and selfish. In terms of industry, no one would want to work in factories as no one wants to breathe in the toxic fumes.

7. Africa will be left to deal with its own medical problems and the whole country will be in a pandemic crisis.

8. The world will fall into darkness, and life on earth (humans) would not be the same as we know it. A lot of people will die if they can't adapt.

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