Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Homework for today!

Dear S3-08,
  Here is the homework for today.

Due tomorrow:
1) History
-SEQ questions (question B and C)

2) S&W
-Fill up the coaching form

3) Physics
-Worksheet 3 (on Forces- workbook)

4) Geography 
-Fill up the form:

5) English
-Features of the speech that your group has chosen

6) Social Studies (by 2359)
-Fall of Venice

7) Mathematics
-Q1, Q2 and Q6 of page 11

Due on Friday:
1) Chinese
-Worksheet (quizlet, summary of passage)
-Page 2 of worksheet

2) English
-Banding homework (features of the speech)
-Speech writing

Due 20th February: 
1) Chinese
-First draft of AA lyrics 

Best Regards,
Johanna Lim Ziyun (5)

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