Monday, 16 February 2015

fantastic futuristic fivesome aka (Taufiq, Ashiq, Beverly, Nehal, Veena)


ans: Spend more time online and less time in the real world. There will be less communication face to face as technology integrates more into our real world lives like a boss.  More technology related nd media related jobs will be needed but as of now the demand is also being met as many furutre looking people are filling up this growing category of jobs.


ans: Majority of people will be elderly. We will need to be as healthy and active as we can be so that we serve a purpose in society. More people will spend their young ages preparing for old age as it becomes a bigger responsibilty to prepare for. Our work environment will be slow and very compensating for all our limitations.


ans: It will be an unfair life as your work will not determine the quality of your life. Your work life will not be of good quality as it is highly dependant on favouratism. Any jobs.


ans: Our lifestyle will be in constant fear and danger as terrorists grow bolder and more effective.  Our work and social life will be effected by the fear of an attack or the fear of the effects of an attack. More security jobs is needed. White hat jobs.

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