Monday, 16 February 2015

Anshiqa/Johanna/Misu/Jian Qing (CE- Futurist)

Q3) How will online sales be hurt in future if identity theft continues and better security doesn’t      
  • I believe that online sales will greatly decrease. Just like, how in real life, when items are stolen and not purchased, the sales go down, this would occur in the virtual world too.
  • As the items online would be stolen, resulting in no payment for the item, the seller would have lesser stock but not a higher revenue. Sellers, will not be able to gain more profit and improve the online site, or the quality of items and thus, it would be inconvenient for the rest of. The quality of our lifestyle will degrade.
  • Work life will be more difficult without better online facilities. We will be working in jobs where things become inefficient and inconvenient, just because some hare-brained people decided to steal online.

Q6) What does it mean to global peace security if terrorists, drug dealers and organised crime link up to attack the world’s institution?

  • Safety of the people will be affected. People will live in constant fear that the terrorists, drug dealers and organised crimes will target them, which will affect their social life. In order to stay safe, the people will stay at home where they will be safer, and this will affect their work and social interaction as they will try to stay home as much as possible.
  • People will interact with others less often due to fear of being targeted by terrorists, drug dealers and organised crime, and mistrust among people will build up. Work will be affected as people will feel threatened when they are at their workplace, and start to mistrust their colleagues.
  • More people will be doing their jobs from their houses in order to stay safe and earn money at the same time. Some people will be law enforcers in order to help reduce the severity of the issue.

Q9) Future of society if global warming and climate change are not resolved by 2050 when there are 9 billion people on the planet
  • I believe that our lifestyle would be rather horrible as sea levels are expected to rise between 7 and 23 inches and continued melting at the poles could add between 4 and 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters). Hurricanes and other storms are also  likely to become stronger and floods would be more common. This will decrease our quality of life.
  • Our work environment would be rather chaotic (with all the natural disasters happening); if we were to work with foreign clients, our business would also be affected; impacting our work force greatly.
  • People would become less interactive with each other/outdoor environment (because of horrible weather conditions) and they may be more hostile towards each other.
  • The kind of jobs we would be doing comprises of meteorologists and environmentalists.

Q4) What does it mean for industry and society if one hundred million people want to live to the age of 100 and be as healthy and active as they can be?

  • People will greatly suffer as there is a significant decrease in the birth rate and death rate. 
  • The huge burdens will be on the youths as they are the ones who are responsible to support the whole community.
  • Firstly, elders are generally weaker and slower than the youths. So they will take a longer time to complete something or to catch up with a new trend thus it is inevitable to reform the the working place.

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