Monday, 23 February 2015

23 February 2015

- Individual Speech Writing  [WHEN MS ESHA RETURNS ]

- Assignment 2 [Tues]
-Practice 2 (tues)
-Quadratic Graph Mindmap
-Bring Calculator tomorrow as Ms Doreen Tan will be giving out the stickers tomorrow (Faded, Lack of Sticker)
-2014 Level Test Paper
-Ace-learning Questions
-Do math filing. Bring math file tomorrow. '
-Create e-math folder in S3-08 Math Resources.
-Complete corrections on all assignments. 
24/2: Quiz, Sum or product of roots
24/2: Quiz,Cubic Functions, Remainder, Factor Theorem

- Level Test 1 Practice (Section B and C)
-Performance Task
-Separation Techniques MCQ worksheet (Tomorrow) 

Social Studies
- Worksheet on The Fall of Venice 

CE worksheet (Please complete this)

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